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Field Guide - Life and Earth History
Field Guide - Life and Earth History
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Explore the amazing evolutionary story behind the biodiversity around you! The waterproof, tear-proof, and recyclable guide connects our history of existing life graphics, through the geological time scale, with our earth history graphics. Explore the current scientific research about how living groups of plants, microbes, fungi, and animals fit into the story of life - when they first evolved, how they are related to each other, when major extinction events occurred, and what was happening on the earth when they first evolved including continental drift, temperature changes, and geological time descriptions.

Version 2 of the field guide is twice the size, combines life and earth history on one page, and includes notes, charts, and explanations for how to read and understand a tree of life, and why it’s the best visual for understanding the evolution of life.

Measures 23.5” x 18” and folds to 4.5” x 11.75”

This guide is the perfect companion for nature hikes, beach exploration, natural history and science museums, botanical gardens, zoos and aquariums!

Great summary for biology students. Supports teaching NGSS LS4 & ESS1C and AP Bio Big Idea 1.